PlayNet Music Station
  • PlayNet Music Station
PlayNet Technologies developed location-based, networked, entertainment systems. PlayNet targeted the hospitality industry with video games and music stations to be placed in bars and hotels around the country. Ryan helped design and produce these next-generation jukeboxes that redefined how consumers experienced music in public.

The Music Stations not only played music, they also provided information about the artists, a list of tour dates, coupons for upcoming album releases, and more. The Music Stations were designed to provide a more robust music experience for consumers and merchandising opportunities for the labels. While old jukeboxes were about making 25 cents a song. Music Stations were about selling CDs and more.

The Music Stations were also designed to take full advantage of the benefits of networked connectivity. No longer did people have to go out into the field to change records in jukeboxes. With the Music Station music could be pushed out from a central office. Music could be tailored to different locations based both on what users in that market were listening to, as well as on what the labels wanted to promote. Ryans work on the PlayNet project included devising the initial specifications for the software,managing database design, designing information presentation and overseeing hardware development.
Information Architecture, Product Design, Interaction Design